Frogface enters QT programming contest finals

Posted on July 29, 2007. Filed under: Frogface |

As always, Frogface(froggie), another open source log for scuba divers has entered the finals of the QT programming contest2007 conducted by QTcentre.Though, my participation in this project is meagre, Declan( Lead Developer) has all the generosity to add me in the developer’s list. Results are yet to be announced. With all cool gadgets around, I’d love to take part next year too.

Now, Declan is busy setting up image library for froggie and his latest blog “TheIrishpenguin”. I’m just making sure now and then that I’m not inactive.In the meanwhile, I’m gonna hack a few QT things for my new project for next year’s contest( I really want that Qtopia mobile in my hands!).

My next task would certainly be my final year project(Just breaking my head to get an idea on).As each project ideas stretches from Kernel-> Client side Appln->Netwoking->Web designing-> WebOS.I’m really not sure on which topic,I should do a project. Is anybody there to help me?

Also, I’m trying to bring this blogging culture into my class mates’ minds. It’s really nice to blog,after all!


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