How studious One can be?

Posted on August 4, 2007. Filed under: personal |

…Knock! knock! knock! Hello Detective Agent ‘Ganesh’! a voice appears. Who’s this? I’m agent ‘Gopi'(my school mate and my best friend). Continuing our journey towards some top secret works with our cool spy gadgets(I mean, a video cam:-)). C’mmon, Lets find someone who’s studying on the eve of unit test and disturb him.

We just silently sneaked thro’ one of our top spy victim-Lokesh’s house. We closed in like a shadow. Click! Lokesh was stunned to see us. Wanna know what he was actually doin?

This shot is taken b4 he sees us.. Click to enlarge!

Secretly taken click

After seeing us, *grin*

After seeing us!

We were just talking about a few things. Still, no sound from lokesh.. Guess, what’s he doin? Yeah.. You are right.. Reading! That’s what he was actually created for..

I wish I could be so studious like him!!!

A recent update:

As my Co-detective ” Gopi”,snatched the book to prevent him from revising that book for the 5th time and locked it in his bookshelf. Yet, Lokesh managed to sneak thro’  Gopi’s house  and has taken it back  without his knowledge.

~End of story(Temporarily)~


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14 Responses to “How studious One can be?”

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was this taken b4 CBT exam…Great job Ganesh..

caught nicely..Now Lokesh cant escape!!!!!!:)

It was b4 Data Mining test..

i expected 3 or 4 books around him………..

wanna get tips about studies.. contact lokesh the great


We are on our Detective shifts.So, Each person in our neighbourhood becomes a victim. Surely, I’ll get more on lokesh when he gets our treatment again…

“PADIPPU SOORAVALI” caught in photo for studying

lokesh is gonna release new JAVA books exclusively
for IT students… so hurry
CONTACT “XXXXX”(Name deleted for unavoidable reasons) FOR OTHER DETAILS

loki writ a java code to get ur XXXX(This word is marked as ‘X’ for unavoidable reasons) back

Sorry da.. I’ve to edit your comments and mark it as “X”, as I thought it would lead to some chaois..

loongi master’s exclusive java book….crash
course for IT students… JAVA in ONE day…
contact lokesh THE TECH MASTER

Who is ur next target????? Dont spy on Lokesh alone..catch hold of others too!!!!!

My next target would certainly be my another school mate. I really had a worse time ever when we tried to spy him. He’s too smart in saying some lame excuses even if gets caught red-handed. One day or the other, He’d fall to one of our gags..

hi da lokesh.. nee urupadave maata..

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