Sorry, I’ve some work to do…

Posted on August 31, 2007. Filed under: personal |

…September seems to a work packed month for me. Tasks range from quite small ones to things I always dreamt of, to accomplish.

First in my Hotlist is CAT exam, with hardly less than 3 months left. I’ve to hurry up things in my CAT preparation(FYI, preparations are not yet started). So, I’ve to figure out my strengths and weaknesses. What’s been observed from the mock tests on my side, clearly show that I neither have a weakness nor a clear-cut strength in any of the sections.

So, Why only CAT? Why not GATE?. Yes, my dear GATE, You are in my schedule too. GATE always a exam for techies, it needs either basic knowledge or luck ,as the latter was on my side during my last fight towards GATE. I can’t really rely on luck this time. I need to start or brush up a few basics in OS, N/W,etc…

Attend my regular CAT classes during weekends. I hardly attended a class last month in August..

Then, A feasibility study on my final year project ” Distributed Search System”. To make things worse, My team members are pushing me to the limits of doing things all by myself.. Errrrr!

Some Symposium work, I’m not too sure of my role there. Maybe, I should find an assistant to do all my Sympo works(It’s always nice to guide rather than doing it ourself). Keep the Symposium website running, is quite a easy process. So, I should leave it to someone who is free from the work, this september.

Oops! Almost forgot.. I need to send e-mailings to all my frds abroad, that I’m busy for now. So, Kindly assign me tasks to do, when I say you so..

Now I remember, There’s no hype going around on my new company “TheGSoft”.I’ve to fix standards for my firm so that I can ask for help from my frds..

And lastly, Goddamn Unit tests.. My current marks would certainly fetch me an internals close to ZERO. So,I’ve to read a few minutes for each tests to make my internals atleast above 5/20.

lol… That’s enough tasks ahead. “C’mmon, Keep working, my boy!” says my Heart.


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4 Responses to “Sorry, I’ve some work to do…”

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brother,u seem to have a tight schedule now,so
better take care of ure health…..aanalum,
unnaku romba aarvam da

It’s always nice to have some work and schedule to accomplish it but it rather doesn’t mean that those who didn’t have a schedule wont succeed or lazy.

Everyone has a plan and a few go by their plan and most wont. But there is a 3rd kind( pple like you), no plans but always success in their wallet.

That’s thro’ sheer passion for your work and your humbleness!!!

its very interesting and motivating scripts and its really my worth to have read this.. 9i cant guess wat u were doing and how u were able to set up all these works at time.
apart u find time with friends too.. how was tat GSOFT idea came to u.. cant figure out who is behind it..

GSoft ain’t really an idea, it’s my feelings and emotion. As I tend to prove my existence in this world, I’ve to do something useful or somethin atleast that’d get me some fame.
btw, I got this plan whilst I was travellin in train along with Gopi.

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