A post dedicated to Lokesh( Watch out for our new episode of ” True Confession”)

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It’s been a request from my frds to have a post dedicated to lokesh and lokesh himself. Well, Here’s your dream come true( Most part of this post might contain violence and sentimental scenes.So, Be prepared!)Make sure, you click the photos to have a full resolution.

Also, We have some video collections too(Real true confessional videos are enclosed). Don’t miss it and I bet,you wont.

Here we go!!!

Starting off with some senti…

Photos Section:-




Now, you’ve witnessed some sad love feelings.Here comes my favourite 🙂 Lokesh trying to camouflage his tears.


And soon after, We had this moment.. Figure it out, whom he looks like?


Yeah, You’re right! ” Enge Sellum intha pathai” and “Varthai thavari vittai kannamma, Marppu thudikkuthadi”

All New Videos:

Video #1:-

This scene entirely takes place in Jesly’s house(My school mate). Foreplay of this video is that, Lokesh gave a treat(for someone getting placed. plz dont ask whom?) at Taj( Taj means Thalapakattu in our dictionary) to Gopi and myself. As usual, we said this to Jesly and He’s taking his revenge.

Video #2:-

It’s a continuation of Video #1 but on a different day.

Video #3:-

Well, it’s an entire different scenario. StarCast: Anoop(Mr.Clooney),prabhu( or pambi), and Lokesh( Of course!). Foreplay: Anoop and prabhu threatens lokesh that they’ll upload his crying scenes in Orkut and send it to some girls.

Video #4:-

Here ,we are . The most awaited video and audio is officially released. But a slight change, this is not the actual confession of lokesh but a follow up of his confession.

Audio #1:-

Hmm.. Same follow up stuff. You gotta for some more time to get the actual confessional video.

This audio has some problems. Stay tuned! We’ll fix it..

photo and video Courtesy: Gopi

Blogged by me(Obviously!)


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2 Responses to “A post dedicated to Lokesh( Watch out for our new episode of ” True Confession”)”

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y u always want lokesh to b prey for ur post in
blog…it is 2nd time i have seen u using him
as bait….it’s quite not intresting as well as beligerent.
i am really ditching this blog for sake my friend….its
to rude,isn’t it? i am against this post.

ayyo lokesh i feel too pity on you.. u are a good time passer for those are near you.. many love ur company.. this is wat i can say positively on seein the video. the camera man has done a great job in capturing the worlds wonderful and amazing scenes.. hats of to him, the blogger has presented it in a crazy stlye.. it was fully enjoyable and funny to watch..

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