prabhu- “The next Linus Torvalds”

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…This incident dates back to a few months when Wipro came to our college to conduct an interview. I can find tension and fear creeping thro’ everyone’s face(Maybe, they are really int’d in joining wipro). Apps was over and results are out which really brought a broad smile in prabhu’s face. Next is Technical round and with some last minute rushes into some books which he felt as important for the next round..
Prabhu was called in for his interview and he casually walks in..

Wipro Hr: Hello Mr.prabhu! plz take your seat..

pambi: Thank you, Sir!

(Expecting for some hard technical questions to shoot right in his direction and awaits eagerly to tackle it)

Hr: Well prabhu, Lets go straight in. Can you just draw an OS design in this sheet of paper?

prabhu( with ears turning red) takes the paper and stares at it for sometime. All of a sudden, He comes up with a design(A new OS is born) and he scribbles quickly. And gives it to him with some pride and a sense of fulfillment.

Hr: I’m unimpressed, prabhu!

prabhu(thinks “Maybe, he doesn’t understand the complexity of my OS“)

Hr: So, prabhu. I’m sorry to say.. ” You are not selected”.


Well, That’s not all, folks! I hereby give you the design of a new OS which prabhu had it as a secret for over 6 months( prabhu! Dont thank me.. it’s my job)

OS Design:


And That’s how an OS must be designed…


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3 Responses to “prabhu- “The next Linus Torvalds””

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hmmmmm thats all folks.. the design is good but there is no indication of arrow marks in the diagram.. the flow must be from OS to the bloks( i think so) .. better use a scale for neat presentation..for extra ordinary people things may take time to work out.. so patience is required..

.. Well, I know that you are a biology enthu(as you hail from biology grp) but don’t mix biology with computer science by suggestin ” Mark the parts” .

“for extra ordinary people things may take time to work out.. so patience is required..”

Yip! So true.. prabhu is someone xtra-ordinary and may take sometime to reveal his potential.

s really great work he did…His OS design not speaks mow in Wipro bcos thy r not OS designers.. But OS designers like Microsoft, Apple, redhat linux etc if noticed this,they’ll feel for missing a great software designer like this.. surely itz d first step of developin a big OS.. All MNC’s b aware of this OS…

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