Trying out new things…

Posted on December 8, 2007. Filed under: Education, fun, personal |

Well, I’m in my last stage of my college life. Yeah, I’m on a vacation for doing a project work. Sounds a bit hectic days but it’s not as uncomfortable as it may sound. I’m really enjoying my vacation.

Not to mention, Our project works( most of engineering colleges here in India) lead us to something that’s certainly far from innovative and the worse part of it is “We ourselves don’t actually use the softwares we make” . So, That relieves me from the pressure of using my brain(made me think if i had got one in recent days 😀 )

So, Off from project works, that would naturally mean I’ve enough time to spend on different things.

Well, I started off with watching some documentaries on Linux and the one that most impressed me is “Revolution OS” . Though, it sounded more like1<->1 interview type but it certainly highlighted the foundation of Linux and Free software foundation. From this documentary, I mean, the things gained from this video. I began to search for a few more details from Open Source projects( Sadly, I’ve partnered many of these projects but never really understood the basics of Open source and How to’s).

It led me to some of the proposals of ESR( Eric StevenRaymond). His most popular papers are “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” and ” How to become a Hacker“. Impressed by the rules of Hackers et al.

After knowing ESR’s favourite language to be Python . I got a desire towards that particular language(but in most colleges in my neighbourhood, They preach C,C++, Java as the Gods of Programming Languages). But worse things about python is there ain’t any proper tutorial provided online for novice or beginners like me(I can find books only for the Pro). After some hard googling, I finally found a simple guide for Python. Python is a simple and a powerful from what I’ve learnt so far. Unlike Perl, it even fits into large coding applications.

Will keep you guys updated more on python. Until then, Keep Hacking!!!


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