Our first business- A sloppy start :-)

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Arun Vijay and I were planning to launch a website “ChennaiRobotics.com” and also Arun was personally int’d in setting up a new firm for robotics which will be called in the near future as “Robonics”. So, it urges us to buy two new domains.

Yesterday, Arun messaged to call me for buying these two domains with another additional domain for Arun’s frd. It was already close to 8PM but luckily for me, Arun was kind enough to bring his bike to pick me up from my house. As there wasn’t any such facility available( to buy a domain) in our neighbourhood, we had to go all the way to Anna nagar( 15 kms from my residence).

After collecting all the money I possessed at that time(nearly 300Rs and Arun had some 700 Rs), we felt that it was quite enough to buy atleast 3 domains. We reached there at 8.45 PM. Later,we came to know that we’re running short of 100 Rs. We somehow managed to bring that remaining money.

To describe about the office, it is an internet domain selling turned Internet cafe. Atleast 20 computers for customers to browse thro’ internet and watch their favourite porn star 😀 . We went in and was filling up some online forms. It takes a while to do these stuffs as it’s a 3 domain purchasal.

During our domain registration, we were talking about our next step ie Web hosting. It requires some funding as we’ve nothing but an empty wallet.

In the meanwhile, there was a guy next to us who has finished his web browsing(Not sure what he was doing :D) and about to settle his bill. He was more like a student(Our first impression when we saw him).After paying his bill, he was asking them if they can do a web page for him. Though it was web designing company, those two fellas at the counter said “No, we don’t do web designing”. I wonder, why they said that but it was good for us.
Arun citing some real opportunity to make  some real money, urged me to say him that we’re ready to do that. I kinda hesitated at first but after realising that we desperately need some money and got myself prepared to ask him.

Me: Hello Sir! We actually do some professional web designing. If you’re int’d we can do that for ya.

That guy: If so, I’d be pleased..

Me: BTW,What’s this website for?

That guy: For a College Symposium actually… Which company do ya belong to?

Me: We( after a huge pause) not actually from a company but we’re college students. I’m doing my final year in ‘so and so’ college and Arun from another college.

That guy(with some change in his facial expression) : Oh! I see..Hey! you from that college? Is ‘X’ ( not revealing some names for personal reasons) your HOD(Head of the Department)?

Me(I was stumped)😦with some disappointment mixed with shock, I nodded my head) BTW, Who’re you?

That guy: I’m the HOD of ‘so and so’ college(Not my college,it was another college) of IT dept.

Me:( was just thinking,”Gees! I’m gonna end up in trouble”) So, your students could have done this site for ya?

HOD: They did but I didn’t like it..

Me: Okie.. Send us an email about all information which must be in that site. Moreover, Do ya have the domain name? and Also, you can do web hosting by yourself?

HOD: Domain??? I don’t need that.. I want only website. Why do I need a domain name for a website?

Me:( was wondering, ” How the hell did he became an HOD?” and was telling myself, ” I can became an HOD too as it must be an easy job to do as even this fella can do that”) .

Me: we’ll give the web page only and it’s your job to host that site.

HOD: Okie.. fine

Me: Ok.. I’ll call ya tomorrow where we can discuss about the pricing and related matters.

…We were on our way to home and our ride was filled with some serious conversation about the web site price. We were making sure that we must fix a price which he can afford and also gives us money for our web hosting.

After even reaching home, we were chatting about web design and type of pages that we must have and also, made a catalog to tell him.

We called him the next da ans was hit by a shocker. He replied that he’s going with his students design and not int’d in working with us. Our First business officially turned down.

Lesson: Never tell the truth that you’re a student when you’re approaching for a business deal. If you did, you’ll end up like us.


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4 Responses to “Our first business- A sloppy start :-)”

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What to do !! .
I was really surprised that a IT dept HOD cant even differentiate between a domain and a domain name.I wonder who made him the HOD (I guess he is xxxpeeeyaaaar’s son in law ).
And don’t worry failures are the stepping stones to success and there are important business lessons to be learnt .I am sure we will bag an other deal in a few days ..

Hopefully, waitin for it. I’m sure we’ll learn more about business and its tactics.

Hi after reading those I feel like writing this. U might have told the truth that u are a student but that guy would been a lecture or lab ass ( from ur sayin that u felt him as student in first look) To show some GETHU he might have lied. I was wondering why a HOD comes to buy a domain for the symposium work of the college.

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