Much needed break

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When people say that the whole world is into internet addiction. I say to myself, ” Hell, no way I ain’t addicted to anything”. But it is true, I’m indeed addicted to internet. I realised it when my internet usage got climbing up to some 18 to 20 hours a day. I was always aware that I should somehow get away from its claws and it happened naturally…

My internet connection is as follows:

*) 2.5GB Downloadable during normal time

*) Unlimited downloads from 2AM to 8AM

So, I used to browse/chat/etc during my 2.5GB quota and s/w, movie,etc at night unlimited timeline. This month, I had my downloads started at 2AM and forgot to close it before 8AM which led me to paying my bills extra, I mean, really extra. It was around 20th of this month. So, as I’ve already used my quota for that month due to my stupidity. I can’t surf around the internet for the next ten days apart from my unlimited downloads at night.

Maybe, it was the break that i was hoping for. Days when my router at the verge of smoking had all gone. Now, I had to use my internet just for a couple of hours atleast for this month.

P.S I had to finish this post before my frd turns angry for using his PC so long and throws me out 😛


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