Guilty Conscience :(

Posted on July 14, 2008. Filed under: personal |

…In the mid-July, with nearly 3 months after my end exams. A sense of sadness crept into my life for which none is responsible other than myself. First, I will list out what my friends are upto and I’ll justify this post.

( in Alphabetical order)

Anoop interns as a Junior Advocate after BE. Quite interesting 😛

Arjun into ICICI bank.

Arun Vijay into Robotics R&D, Bangalore soon 😀

Bala( Bodhai) into ICICI as well.

Balaji will be in Mahindra in a short notice.

Dhadi still dreaming to become as an Aussie.

Gopi supervising a project centre with most of his time occupied.

Guru working as a .Net Programmer.

Jesly in Bosch, Coimbatore( even got his first month salary but I’m sad that he didn’t show up after getting his salary 😦

Jim preparing for GRE and will be getting into an US of A University.

Kadala worked in ICICI bank for a few days.

Lokesh as ICICI Manager( earns 6 lakhs/annum even as a trainee).

Nanda undergoing training in SGS.

Pambi as a student cum trainer in a company.

Rajasekar now undergoing his training in Virtusa.

Sathish( Vep City) making some online money.

Senthil and R.Sathish as supporting staffs.

Sridhar trying to make himself as a Good Programmer.

Sridhar( SSN) will be landing in US of A in August.

Srihari into many things so I had to do a new post just for himself 😛

Suresh( REC), as usual working so hard for his image at College.

Thilak currently in Training (SGS).

Vignesh is working in…. Goddamnit! I forgot where he is now. Anyways, He’s at work 🙂

So, I nearly listed out most of my frds and their recent/future works. That just leaves me all alone with nothing productive in these days and for the upcoming days as well.


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11 Responses to “Guilty Conscience :(”

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You don’t need to be productive all round the year ..Even machines need rest .. So do you .
And you can take some well deserved time off till INFY calls you for their service ..

@ Arun Vijay
You can say anything coz you’re in that position to advice and I’m in a miserable position to hear from you.

Well, even if infy calls me in and I’d be the first one to be kicked out.So, I had to look some other jobs which is more suitable for my laziness

hey too much!!! he he.. You are my Hero. I learn from You.. You cant say that!! You are a Legend!!

add a note…

Ganesh: “all i do is flirt with my 3 girlfriends… that leaves me so much free time :P”

Good job,man!!! for creating a scene out of nowhere.

@Sri Hari
Do I really have a guilty conscience if i flirt with them? Nah! Nah!

More importantly, who are those grls? would ya mind giving an intro? Beat it, Mister!!!

Mama tilak, nandy , Guru, vignesh are also included in that list da…..

Thanks dude! Will add it right away 🙂

Take me out of that list da,I Am out…….

@ Karthe

Well, alteast you worked for a few days by which you did something in these days and it can’t be forgotten. So, I can’t entirely remove it but as you’re idle now, I’ll just re-phrase it 😛

Hey my stay at ICICI was just as a trainee. I guess you dreamt abt me as a Manager earning 6 lacs 🙂

dreamt abt you? Yuck!

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