Disastrous :(

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Trip Schedule :

July 31st( Chennai)->Aug 1st( Coimbatore) -> Aug 2nd (Bangalore).

July 31st :-

I was all set for my trip to Coimbatore. It’s a 11 Hours bus journey from Chennai and I was going alone as none of my frds were int’d. My next seat was occupied by an IT professional who came from college which i’ve never even heard of, yet he was speaking so high of his college 🙂

Aug 1st : –

Reached Coimbatore at 5.30 AM and I’ve to go to a place called ‘Saravanampatti’ which is a 30 mins bus journey from Coimbatore bus stand. Wondering why I’m going there? To meet my frd ‘Jesly’and more importantly, attend a job interview with ‘Bosch’. We were having a nice chat abt bosch( as Jesly works in Bosch now)and some usual stuffs. Interview was to be held at 3PM so I had ample lot of time to prepare myself.

Also, I was carried some computer networking books with me to prepare for the interview( Not for Bosch interview but for another interview in B’lore). I ogled thro’ these books for 3 hours or so. In the meantime, Arun Raj ( my college mate) seems to be int’d in Bosch interview and crashed at jesly’s place.

Arun is quite a funny fella and if he’s around, there is no short of funny moments and here’s one among them.

Me: What have you been doing these days?

Arun: Nothing much, dude!

Me: Hey! I heard that the company you were placed,has announced that the intake will be really late. Is it?

Arun: yepp! thats true..

Me: What are you gonna do til then?

Arun: Planning to join a BPO and work for a while.

Me: You applied?

Arun: I did some stupidest things.

Me: What was that?

Arun: I never found a BPO in Salem( a town in central Tamil Nadu) and so, I searched in Google with keyword ‘BPO in Salem’. It returned so many results and I was happy to see many BPO which I’ve never seen before in Salem and started applying one after the other.

Me: any response?

Arun: Fuck! Little did i know, There was another place called ‘Salem’ in US of A and I applied to the BPOs there.

Me: ROTFL!!!

After all these moments, we reached the company and only to find that there were around 1000 pple before us waiting for the interview. We were patient and waited, waited… Atlast, we were called for 7PM batch which will take atleast 1 hour to finish. I got impatient and had to leave early as I had to catch B’lore bus. So, Flopped!!! Trip to Coimabore was a mere waste.

Now that, I was hoping to catch the b’lore bus and indeed, I was onboard. If things went well, I’d reach B’lore at 6AM.In the meantime, I fell sick. Got a throat infection which made me to speak in a tone which might hear like a Martian and things got really worse.

Aug 2nd :-

But it was one of those unlucky days,I had never imagined. At 3AM, in the mid way b/w Coimbatore and B’lore, there was a sudden tyre failure( like in Hamilton’s car, Hungarian GP 😀 ). It took nearly 2 hours to get the bus on its fresh wheels.

Reached B’lore at 8AM, only to find that I still have 10 kms to get to my cousin’s place.Thanks to Sathish Anna(my cousin) who escorted me to his house. We have to hurry as we had just 1 hour for the interview. Again Thanks to him.. He dropped me there if not.. I would have not reached there on time. The Company is… Well, you find it for yourself. Clue: San Fran’cisco’.

Phew! I finally made to the interview building only to find that, 1st round is a written type with 50 questions. in which it had only 2 programming questions, some 10 Aptitude and rest full of electronics( I’m not an electronics student, if you don’t know me).Later on, I read thro’ the interview invitation that ” Candidates from ECE/EEE/EI/Telecommunications can attend” but I was an IT Grad. F**k! I was angry at myself that I should have known it before. Asking abt results? Obviously,I won’t be selected yet I was praying to God that i shouldn’t be selected even by luck. The reason is, ‘I still have my throat infection’. With this condition,I can never proceed further in the interview.

You might call it lucky or unlucky.. Of course, I was not selected. *Sigh of relief*. Well, after all these travelling, sickness.. I went to Coimbatore and then, to B’lore just for nothing.

Went back to my cousin’s house. After playing for a few hours with 2 lovely kids of my cousin’s. I packed my bags and went to B’lore bus stand. It was the worst Bus terminal, I’ve ever seen. It took nearly 2 hours to get onboard.

Aug 3rd :-

Back to Chennai now 🙂 Home sweet home.

PS: I always dreamt about writing long posts.  I guess, this post would satisfy me 🙂


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10 Responses to “Disastrous :(”

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haha .. Atleast your dream came true by making this trip ..

I guess fate had sealed you to infy ,they really need you .

yepp! Like you said, it’s all fate..

hey.. u r a machine man.. u just keep on oiling urself(taking care of ur health). On the other side narayanamoorthy and nandan neelakeni r offering several prayers tat they should not mis u..

hey.. the thing is machine is a machine.. it can work for so many hours without rest.. but u r a bit different with some additive features tat makes u a special machine… engeavadhu poi repair aagu da..


This statement is completely irrelevant to the post 😀

“There was another place called ‘Salem’ in US of A and I applied to the BPOs there”


“like in Hamilton’s car, Hungarian GP 😀 ”
unnake overa theriyala?! [:P]

btw nice post… keep them coming!

Thanks dude! These moments seem to happen now and then in my life. So, you can always expect them coming 🙂

I am really sorry for your disastrous “destiny”. This is what you should call as “experience” not “disastrous”!!! I feel your trip has taught you an experience on how to make choices! Did you notice that? If I am in your situation, I wish I would have stayed and attended the “Bosch” interview.
I can understand your situation very well as I too came in the same path in my earlier days. It is really discouraging to see your friends (that too, to whom you taught them computer science) join branded wagons. Don’t worry “things will change”. “Change” is the only thing in the universe that has no “Change” (Too philosophical right?).
Keep your expectations low, but not your HOPES.


PS: Brush your basics and always be ready to face any tough technical challenge, break through will definitely be your (Its all my true experience).

@Diwa Anna

Thanks anna! That was encouraging 🙂 I wish I was at Bosch but it was one helluva experience and would like to choose better in the future.

Seems you really travel a lot. I hope you have a splendid time on every destination.

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