Training days :) or :(

Posted on November 2, 2008. Filed under: personal |

..First few days, I was travelling a lot as I’ve been relocated to chennai after Mysore. Relocation to chennai just means I’m both happy and sad ( ping me if you wanna know the reasons). Now, to the training part.. It was boring indeed. I had to learn a few things which i did learn a few years back.

Well, There is 4 hours of internet in which I’m blocked to access almost 99% of all sites and that’s virtually no internet 😦 This will continue till Jan’09 as that’s when my training get over. I’m kinda sick at being there. Certain ground rules which I always intend not to follow but I had to..

Coming to the study part, I spend lotta time reading books nowadays which my fellow trainees are quite surprised as I’m not books-read and gain-knowledge kinda person. Answering to this question here : Consider if you’re one among 100 students and 99 of them are reading and you can’t watch TV as it might disturb them, no internet, you can’t play as there is no one t0 play with. What else can ya afford to do? Of course, I must join their party and read along with them.

Well, the same thing looped for a month or so and Now, I got my first salary. I was wondering if i was worth to get it as I’ve done nothing so far other than ‘swipe in’ and ‘swipe out’ 😀

Mabbe, after training, they wil squeeze the juice outta me i guess 😦


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3 Responses to “Training days :) or :(”

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dai..U know everything already.. atleast try to
teach dem da.. it will bring some good souls on

scene potiya 🙂

Well I think they are yet to squeeze the juice out of you 🙂

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