A joint venture!

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Sridhar and I are looking to re-start my old technical tips blog. Looking at the history of this blog, I never updated it often owing to the fact that I like to have a  wordpress blog intead of blogspot(except for the javascript insertion 😛 )

Well, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Google PR update got a PR 3 ( PR means Page Rank) to my technical blog. So, I don’t wanna leave that blog in ruins. In the meantime, Sri also was desperate to have an additional income to strive during his 2 yr MS in US of A. I decided to give all rights of that blog to Sridhar but being a nice guy, he don’t wanna enjoy all the benefits(nothing so far, mabbe in the future days) so agreed to give my share out of it.

Zooming closer towards the partnership of this venture( as I may call it so?), I’m sure I’d be the least contributor, thanks to my recent laziness. I hope Sridhar does well to take my blog. Errrrr.. our blog to new heights and more importantly, money that will assist his living in the near future. I’ve already noticed that he has started blogging there.

@Sridhar Don’t again ping me to say abt you in my blog 😀 Just kidding!!!

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Online Programming Contests for students

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Hey, students… Finshed your C/C++/Java book for dummies? Wanna show your skills at international level. Then, Online programming contests is for you.. Click here

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Tired of results!

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… What’s that, a student is always afraid of? yeah, Of course.. it must be exams but even more frightening is the announcement of his/her results. So, I’m in the same line as that of a student who’s expecting his results. Am I confusing you? Alright! I’ll make things straight for you..



These pics suggest you that I’m in the finals of QT programming contest in Desktop application category along with ‘Declan’. This contest started in the month of January’07 and code was submitted in June’07. So, Now,it’s September.. After waiting for 3 long months, it’s pay off time. QT centre has announced that results have been prepared and will be out in a week’s time.

It’s gonna be really really tough to win but everything is possible, below the sun. I hope for a better results in this contest as I always end up as a loser in all my result encounters…

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Ubuntu + Kubuntu = Linux at its best

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…So, After working in ubuntu and kubuntu separately for over a month. I suddenly realised, What if I’ve both ubuntu and kubuntu as a single OS?That is GNOME and KDE with the same installation. After googling for sometime, I figured out that it’s possible..

In this installation, I presume that you have installed Ubuntu first..

Using Synaptic:

  • Search for kubuntu-Desktop in your package manager.
  • Mark for installation and apply all the changes.

Using Shell:


sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

Well Now, Everytime you login..You have the option of choosing your desktop environment(GNOME or KDE). It’s not yet over, You can even install Edubuntu too.So now, you can very well access all the applications of Ubuntu and Kubuntu at the same time…Once Linus Torvalds said “GNOME treats their users as fools”. So, What can he say now? Nothing but “brilliant“.

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From Windows to Ubuntu!

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I always had an interest in trying different OS in my computer. But Ubuntu was first heard by me from one of my frds(Founder of searchmonkey) in UK. I was forced to move myself into linux due to my commitment to one of the open source project ‘Search monkey’ as it was fully developed in linux. So, I downloaded Ubuntu(Edgy Eft) that night and everything went well until I figured out that I’ve a problem with my internet. Well.. You know.. If there’s no internet, then Ubuntu is not a kinda OS to be in your pc.

So, I had withdraw myself from that project. With the same old fucking life in Windows, Things went on boring. Soon, I realised that Ubuntu has made it’s new release ‘Feisty Fawn’. Why to wait? Lets try….

In Feisty Fawn, I had to wait for a day long to success and Atlast, with some sense of pride.. I logged into Ubuntu. It was a moment of satisfaction and everything was perfect. I spent a week figuring out each and every appln in Ubuntu.. With beryl,openoffice and many such appln, Ubuntu is really “Linux for Human beings”.

Now, Solaris,Here I come!!!

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I don’t wanna be like this guy!!!

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I’m gonna quit using computers if I was this guy. Oh dear!!! What a freak, he really is???

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