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When I was feeling a lil’ bored, I came across this video which was a real treat to hear. A cool way to learn something, I suppose.

Done by Math grads of NorthWestern University.

If you still can’t understand the funny part of it, Here’s the lyrics for you..
Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)
The Klein Four Group

The path of love is never smooth
But mine’s continuous for you
You’re the upper bound in the chains of my heart
You’re my Axiom of Choice, you know it’s true

But lately our relation’s not so well-defined
And I just can’t function without you
I’ll prove my proposition and I’m sure you’ll find
We’re a finite simple group of order two

I’m losing my identity
I’m getting tensor every day
And without loss of generality
I will assume that you feel the same way

Since every time I see you, you just quotient out
The faithful image that I map into
But when we’re one-to-one you’ll see what I’m about
‘Cause we’re a finite simple group of order two

Our equivalence was stable,
A principal love bundle sitting deep inside
But then you drove a wedge between our two-forms
Now everything is so complexified

When we first met, we simply-connected
My heart was open but too dense
Our system was already directed
To have a finite limit, in some sense

I’m living in the kernel of a rank-one map
From my domain, its image looks so blue,
‘Cause all I see are zeroes, it’s a cruel trap
But we’re a finite simple group of order two

I’m not the smoothest operator in my class,
But we’re a mirror pair, me and you,
So let’s apply forgetful functors to the past
And be a finite simple group, a finite simple group,
Let’s be a finite simple group of order two

I’ve proved my proposition now, as you can see,
So let’s both be associative and free
And by corollary, this shows you and I to be
Purely inseparable. Q. E. D.

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Online Programming Contests for students

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Hey, students… Finshed your C/C++/Java book for dummies? Wanna show your skills at international level. Then, Online programming contests is for you.. Click here

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Trying out new things…

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Well, I’m in my last stage of my college life. Yeah, I’m on a vacation for doing a project work. Sounds a bit hectic days but it’s not as uncomfortable as it may sound. I’m really enjoying my vacation.

Not to mention, Our project works( most of engineering colleges here in India) lead us to something that’s certainly far from innovative and the worse part of it is “We ourselves don’t actually use the softwares we make” . So, That relieves me from the pressure of using my brain(made me think if i had got one in recent days 😀 )

So, Off from project works, that would naturally mean I’ve enough time to spend on different things.

Well, I started off with watching some documentaries on Linux and the one that most impressed me is “Revolution OS” . Though, it sounded more like1<->1 interview type but it certainly highlighted the foundation of Linux and Free software foundation. From this documentary, I mean, the things gained from this video. I began to search for a few more details from Open Source projects( Sadly, I’ve partnered many of these projects but never really understood the basics of Open source and How to’s).

It led me to some of the proposals of ESR( Eric StevenRaymond). His most popular papers are “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” and ” How to become a Hacker“. Impressed by the rules of Hackers et al.

After knowing ESR’s favourite language to be Python . I got a desire towards that particular language(but in most colleges in my neighbourhood, They preach C,C++, Java as the Gods of Programming Languages). But worse things about python is there ain’t any proper tutorial provided online for novice or beginners like me(I can find books only for the Pro). After some hard googling, I finally found a simple guide for Python. Python is a simple and a powerful from what I’ve learnt so far. Unlike Perl, it even fits into large coding applications.

Will keep you guys updated more on python. Until then, Keep Hacking!!!

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Yu Fly Show at Shaastra, IITM

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Of late,I’ve always been an admirer of Shaastra and IIT’s new inventions. Rather than myself explaining about Yu Fly. Have a look at this..

Yu fly got it’s name from ‘Yudhisthira’, son of Dharma as in Mahabharatha.

Tho’ I missed the live show in IITM. I managed to snatch this video from youtube. For more information about its working priniciples. Click here

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Tired of results!

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… What’s that, a student is always afraid of? yeah, Of course.. it must be exams but even more frightening is the announcement of his/her results. So, I’m in the same line as that of a student who’s expecting his results. Am I confusing you? Alright! I’ll make things straight for you..



These pics suggest you that I’m in the finals of QT programming contest in Desktop application category along with ‘Declan’. This contest started in the month of January’07 and code was submitted in June’07. So, Now,it’s September.. After waiting for 3 long months, it’s pay off time. QT centre has announced that results have been prepared and will be out in a week’s time.

It’s gonna be really really tough to win but everything is possible, below the sun. I hope for a better results in this contest as I always end up as a loser in all my result encounters…

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All I wanted is to speak about pointers..

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I always came across many dudes who find pointers, a little difficult part of C programming. So, Here’s a short tutorial about pointers..

Salvation lies beneath:

The C language allows the programmer to “peek and poke” directly into memory locations. This gives great flexibility and power to the language, but it also one of the great hurdles that the beginner must overcome in using the language.

All variables in a program reside in memory; the statements

    float x;
    x = 6.5;

request that the compiler reserve 4 bytes of memory (on a 32-bit computer) for the floating-point variable x, then put the “value” 6.5 in it. Sometimes we want to know where a variable resides in memory. The address (location in memory) of any variable is obtained by placing the operator “&” before its name. Therefore &ampx is the address of x. C allows us to go one stage further and define a variable, called a pointer, that contains the address of (i.e. “points to”) other variables. For example:

    float x;
    float* px;

    x = 6.5;
    px = &x;

defines px to be a pointer to objects of type float, and sets it equal to the address of x:
Pointer use for a variableThe content of the memory location referenced by a pointer is obtained using the “*” operator (this is called dereferencing the pointer). Thus, *px refers to the value of x.

C allows us to perform arithmetic operations using pointers, but beware that the “unit” in pointer arithmetic is the size (in bytes) of the object to which the pointer points. For example, if px is a pointer to a variable x of type float, then the expression px + 1 refers not to the next bit or byte in memory but to the location of the next float after x (4 bytes away on most workstations); if x were of type double, then px + 1 would refer to a location 8 bytes (the size of a double)away, and so on. Only if x is of type char will px + 1 actually refer to the next byte in memory.

Thus, in

    char* pc;
    float* px;
    float x;

    x = 6.5;
    px = &x;
    pc = (char*) px;

(the (char*) in the last line is a “cast”, which converts one data type to another), px and pc both point to the same location in memory–the address of x–but px + 1 and pc + 1 point to different memory locations.Looks easy huh? But As far I know, Security is a major concern for pointers..

Happy Hacking!!!

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IT Kings in Queensland!

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Well, Atlast… My friends got it right.I mean, the tour out of nowhere. So, After 3 years of continuous planning and also continuous failures. They made it by queueing to Queensland(A theme park near B’lore Highway) but I’m really sad, I couldn’t join them. Maybe, next time(If it’s really does exist).

What’s really cool about this journey is that? They all were united in planning things and doing it. What really interest me is that, Girls’ population bettering out boys(Really weird!) Moreover, Having their own rented bus and with all those fun and dances(Certainly! Some more beer). I wish, I could be there…

I’m really expecting someone to have their pics sent to me so that I can share their joy with them and Of course, to post it in my blog…

Rock n Roll, IT kings!!!

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MIT OpenCourseWare- A cutting edge over technology or maybe,not?

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..MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provides OpenCourseware to users all around the globe to have an edge over technology.Now, you have the opportunity to pick your own undergraduate curriculum and gain an MIT education for free. With all the audio and video lectures, It certainly proves to be of great help in most developing nations. These are said by MIT authority but…

So, Is it an MIT standardised education? I don’t think so.. Education needs professors. It’s not even close to MIT standards. More importantly, MIT Opencourseware are nothing but some online tutorials supported by some audio & video lectures. With all those millions of tutorials around, Does it prove any good? Certainly, not… Maybe, They should have started not with an MIT education for free but something like “MIT like education for free”.

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