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I’m back in business-CAT

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… I’ve decided to take on CAT(Common Admission Test) this year. This rather common idea came to me when I was desparate,not to go a silly job(As I’m now one of the IT company’s pre-victims, who’ll be trying to suck my brain in no time). Well, you know.. They are gonna treat us more like a cyber slave.As, I was aware that I’m gonna step in one of the most toughest Management exams in the world but was not so serious about that…

I was going to my CAT classes regularly and really was asking a few question to myself. Did I make the right decision? Am I fit to get into IIMs? First few mock CATs(AIMCAT) proved me that I’ve made a wrong choice.With ranks in mid 2000 and percentile in mid 80’s,everything looked stranger thereafter. It was really hectic job to go to classes as well. On Sundays,I had to start from 7.30AM and back to home at 10.00pm. Now, I was exhausted both mentally and physically.When I was about to say, ” I Quit”.

Last sunday’s mock results came. I was really surprised to see myself getting a percentile of 97 and also, clearing all the 3 sections’ cut-off’s(Verbal, Quants and DI).Now, My rank in 800 out of 30000 people all over India, Life looks like heaven. I’m gonna start CAT once again with a newer approach. I finally said to myself,” Yes, I’m on the right track”.

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Bell the CAT’07

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Well, I’m gonna decide my way to future. Am I going to be a Programming freak or a man who rely on his brain that can manage everyone?

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GATE2007- My True Challenge

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Are you afraid of GATE exams, then feel free to read my blog. Your tensions will fly away!!!

First of all, I met a guy from PSG(ECE final yr) in a symbosium. We really had a nice chat about some things and finally, we became frds. He asked me to take GATE in my 3rd year as it would really help me for everything. I took his advice and was serious about GATE. I used to mail him thereafter. Since he’s a ece student. He cant help me much but he’d tell ideas abt how to crack it.

Here comes a collapse in my GATE preparation. I had an idea in mind to finish most things off in my 4th sem holidays but as usual, I cant. To be honest, I didn even touch my book.. Days passed by, I still had an idea of reading for GATE but I really cant(something is really wrong). By the time, I thought that I should quit. I have already sent my applns… I was still confident that I can read some topics so that I can attempt in my final yr with some experiences in this GATE. My hall tickets and I still didn’t touch my book.

Last 10 days.. I was in a state of collapse. I took a one week leave and tried to read but nothing is done as per plan. Now, show time!!! With not even a page of preparation, I wake up on that day.. My DAD asked me to go but I know that I can just get only a big ZERO. With my dad pushing me, I went….

It’s a nightmare… I took my Q-paper and had a glance of all the questions. It was like an alien language. So, I kept myself calm for a while. I tried to attempt the programming questions( it’s the one, I feel that I’m really strong). To my surprise, it all appeared to be correct.. Then, Slowly, I gained some confidence.Started to do some questions and everything went on well..Totally 3hoursfor the exam and I finished in about 90 mins and was staring at my supervisor. I didn’t care abt the questions,I didn’t know.. Out of 85 questions, I attended some 40… got correct almost 35. The only mistake I did was, I randomly answered some 30 questions. Out of which,just 5 might be right….

I don’t know how to rate my performance. I thought it was an average one as many might have prepared well and also did well… Results came, I got AIR 310. Then, I realised that just by knowing the basics well. One can easily crack GATE.

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