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Training days :) or :(

Posted on November 2, 2008. Filed under: personal |

..First few days, I was travelling a lot as I’ve been relocated to chennai after Mysore. Relocation to chennai just means I’m both happy and sad ( ping me if you wanna know the reasons). Now, to the training part.. It was boring indeed. I had to learn a few things which i did learn a few years back.

Well, There is 4 hours of internet in which I’m blocked to access almost 99% of all sites and that’s virtually no internet 😦 This will continue till Jan’09 as that’s when my training get over. I’m kinda sick at being there. Certain ground rules which I always intend not to follow but I had to..

Coming to the study part, I spend lotta time reading books nowadays which my fellow trainees are quite surprised as I’m not books-read and gain-knowledge kinda person. Answering to this question here : Consider if you’re one among 100 students and 99 of them are reading and you can’t watch TV as it might disturb them, no internet, you can’t play as there is no one t0 play with. What else can ya afford to do? Of course, I must join their party and read along with them.

Well, the same thing looped for a month or so and Now, I got my first salary. I was wondering if i was worth to get it as I’ve done nothing so far other than ‘swipe in’ and ‘swipe out’ 😀

Mabbe, after training, they wil squeeze the juice outta me i guess 😦

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Disastrous :(

Posted on August 5, 2008. Filed under: personal |

Trip Schedule :

July 31st( Chennai)->Aug 1st( Coimbatore) -> Aug 2nd (Bangalore).

July 31st :-

I was all set for my trip to Coimbatore. It’s a 11 Hours bus journey from Chennai and I was going alone as none of my frds were int’d. My next seat was occupied by an IT professional who came from college which i’ve never even heard of, yet he was speaking so high of his college 🙂

Aug 1st : –

Reached Coimbatore at 5.30 AM and I’ve to go to a place called ‘Saravanampatti’ which is a 30 mins bus journey from Coimbatore bus stand. Wondering why I’m going there? To meet my frd ‘Jesly’and more importantly, attend a job interview with ‘Bosch’. We were having a nice chat abt bosch( as Jesly works in Bosch now)and some usual stuffs. Interview was to be held at 3PM so I had ample lot of time to prepare myself.

Also, I was carried some computer networking books with me to prepare for the interview( Not for Bosch interview but for another interview in B’lore). I ogled thro’ these books for 3 hours or so. In the meantime, Arun Raj ( my college mate) seems to be int’d in Bosch interview and crashed at jesly’s place.

Arun is quite a funny fella and if he’s around, there is no short of funny moments and here’s one among them.

Me: What have you been doing these days?

Arun: Nothing much, dude!

Me: Hey! I heard that the company you were placed,has announced that the intake will be really late. Is it?

Arun: yepp! thats true..

Me: What are you gonna do til then?

Arun: Planning to join a BPO and work for a while.

Me: You applied?

Arun: I did some stupidest things.

Me: What was that?

Arun: I never found a BPO in Salem( a town in central Tamil Nadu) and so, I searched in Google with keyword ‘BPO in Salem’. It returned so many results and I was happy to see many BPO which I’ve never seen before in Salem and started applying one after the other.

Me: any response?

Arun: Fuck! Little did i know, There was another place called ‘Salem’ in US of A and I applied to the BPOs there.

Me: ROTFL!!!

After all these moments, we reached the company and only to find that there were around 1000 pple before us waiting for the interview. We were patient and waited, waited… Atlast, we were called for 7PM batch which will take atleast 1 hour to finish. I got impatient and had to leave early as I had to catch B’lore bus. So, Flopped!!! Trip to Coimabore was a mere waste.

Now that, I was hoping to catch the b’lore bus and indeed, I was onboard. If things went well, I’d reach B’lore at 6AM.In the meantime, I fell sick. Got a throat infection which made me to speak in a tone which might hear like a Martian and things got really worse.

Aug 2nd :-

But it was one of those unlucky days,I had never imagined. At 3AM, in the mid way b/w Coimbatore and B’lore, there was a sudden tyre failure( like in Hamilton’s car, Hungarian GP 😀 ). It took nearly 2 hours to get the bus on its fresh wheels.

Reached B’lore at 8AM, only to find that I still have 10 kms to get to my cousin’s place.Thanks to Sathish Anna(my cousin) who escorted me to his house. We have to hurry as we had just 1 hour for the interview. Again Thanks to him.. He dropped me there if not.. I would have not reached there on time. The Company is… Well, you find it for yourself. Clue: San Fran’cisco’.

Phew! I finally made to the interview building only to find that, 1st round is a written type with 50 questions. in which it had only 2 programming questions, some 10 Aptitude and rest full of electronics( I’m not an electronics student, if you don’t know me).Later on, I read thro’ the interview invitation that ” Candidates from ECE/EEE/EI/Telecommunications can attend” but I was an IT Grad. F**k! I was angry at myself that I should have known it before. Asking abt results? Obviously,I won’t be selected yet I was praying to God that i shouldn’t be selected even by luck. The reason is, ‘I still have my throat infection’. With this condition,I can never proceed further in the interview.

You might call it lucky or unlucky.. Of course, I was not selected. *Sigh of relief*. Well, after all these travelling, sickness.. I went to Coimbatore and then, to B’lore just for nothing.

Went back to my cousin’s house. After playing for a few hours with 2 lovely kids of my cousin’s. I packed my bags and went to B’lore bus stand. It was the worst Bus terminal, I’ve ever seen. It took nearly 2 hours to get onboard.

Aug 3rd :-

Back to Chennai now 🙂 Home sweet home.

PS: I always dreamt about writing long posts.  I guess, this post would satisfy me 🙂

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A joint venture!

Posted on July 25, 2008. Filed under: computers, personal, Techie | Tags: |

Sridhar and I are looking to re-start my old technical tips blog. Looking at the history of this blog, I never updated it often owing to the fact that I like to have a  wordpress blog intead of blogspot(except for the javascript insertion 😛 )

Well, as I mentioned in one of my previous posts that Google PR update got a PR 3 ( PR means Page Rank) to my technical blog. So, I don’t wanna leave that blog in ruins. In the meantime, Sri also was desperate to have an additional income to strive during his 2 yr MS in US of A. I decided to give all rights of that blog to Sridhar but being a nice guy, he don’t wanna enjoy all the benefits(nothing so far, mabbe in the future days) so agreed to give my share out of it.

Zooming closer towards the partnership of this venture( as I may call it so?), I’m sure I’d be the least contributor, thanks to my recent laziness. I hope Sridhar does well to take my blog. Errrrr.. our blog to new heights and more importantly, money that will assist his living in the near future. I’ve already noticed that he has started blogging there.

@Sridhar Don’t again ping me to say abt you in my blog 😀 Just kidding!!!

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Guilty Conscience :(

Posted on July 14, 2008. Filed under: personal |

…In the mid-July, with nearly 3 months after my end exams. A sense of sadness crept into my life for which none is responsible other than myself. First, I will list out what my friends are upto and I’ll justify this post.

( in Alphabetical order)

Anoop interns as a Junior Advocate after BE. Quite interesting 😛

Arjun into ICICI bank.

Arun Vijay into Robotics R&D, Bangalore soon 😀

Bala( Bodhai) into ICICI as well.

Balaji will be in Mahindra in a short notice.

Dhadi still dreaming to become as an Aussie.

Gopi supervising a project centre with most of his time occupied.

Guru working as a .Net Programmer.

Jesly in Bosch, Coimbatore( even got his first month salary but I’m sad that he didn’t show up after getting his salary 😦

Jim preparing for GRE and will be getting into an US of A University.

Kadala worked in ICICI bank for a few days.

Lokesh as ICICI Manager( earns 6 lakhs/annum even as a trainee).

Nanda undergoing training in SGS.

Pambi as a student cum trainer in a company.

Rajasekar now undergoing his training in Virtusa.

Sathish( Vep City) making some online money.

Senthil and R.Sathish as supporting staffs.

Sridhar trying to make himself as a Good Programmer.

Sridhar( SSN) will be landing in US of A in August.

Srihari into many things so I had to do a new post just for himself 😛

Suresh( REC), as usual working so hard for his image at College.

Thilak currently in Training (SGS).

Vignesh is working in…. Goddamnit! I forgot where he is now. Anyways, He’s at work 🙂

So, I nearly listed out most of my frds and their recent/future works. That just leaves me all alone with nothing productive in these days and for the upcoming days as well.

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Aftermath- God’s work :)

Posted on May 29, 2008. Filed under: personal |

It’s been a while I’ve posted a convo in my blog. So, Here’s one for you.

It’s a convo b/w my frd ‘Sarath’ who was(or still is) in love with a grl ‘Y’ but eventually ‘Y’ rejected his proposal and this convo took place nearly one yr after that incident.Btw, you might wonder how did i get this convo. It’s not a case of hacking. Sarath himself copy-pasted this conversation later to advice him(as if i’m a pro) if he had proceeded with her in the right motto 😀

Disclaimer: I’ve neither modified nor edited the lines. I’ve just added a english version for a few tamil words

sarath: hi
y: wat??????
sarath: first of all sorry….
y: 4 wat???
sarath : for all the things which should done before…
sarath : actually now oly i realize,, i miss one good friend..
y: how did u realize suddenlyy??
sarath : ellam kadavul saayal.. ( everything is god’s work)
y: kkkk
sarath : actuall i want to tell sorry for hurting u…..
sarath : here after i cant do this mistake in my life time..
y : okkkkk
sarath: hardly there is only one month for ending our college life, so in those days i ll be good friend for u pa….
sarath: while i have enter in college.. i ll afraid to see ur face, due to the mistake which i have done..
sarath: wat pa y no reply, pls tell some thing, nee ena mannipaya ( will you forgive me?).
y: leave it…..
y: its better tat v r lik dis
y: ivalo naal paesala ( we didn’t speak all these days)
y: ipo mattum edhuku paesanum ( why should we talk now?)
sarath: oh ok pa.. its ur final decision means i ll accept it….
sarath: anyway once again sorry sorry.. here after i ll never come to ur way..
y: ok…. bye
sarath kumar: ok bye… good night..

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Our first business- A sloppy start :-)

Posted on February 21, 2008. Filed under: fun, humor, Internet, personal |

Arun Vijay and I were planning to launch a website “” and also Arun was personally int’d in setting up a new firm for robotics which will be called in the near future as “Robonics”. So, it urges us to buy two new domains.

Yesterday, Arun messaged to call me for buying these two domains with another additional domain for Arun’s frd. It was already close to 8PM but luckily for me, Arun was kind enough to bring his bike to pick me up from my house. As there wasn’t any such facility available( to buy a domain) in our neighbourhood, we had to go all the way to Anna nagar( 15 kms from my residence).

After collecting all the money I possessed at that time(nearly 300Rs and Arun had some 700 Rs), we felt that it was quite enough to buy atleast 3 domains. We reached there at 8.45 PM. Later,we came to know that we’re running short of 100 Rs. We somehow managed to bring that remaining money.

To describe about the office, it is an internet domain selling turned Internet cafe. Atleast 20 computers for customers to browse thro’ internet and watch their favourite porn star 😀 . We went in and was filling up some online forms. It takes a while to do these stuffs as it’s a 3 domain purchasal.

During our domain registration, we were talking about our next step ie Web hosting. It requires some funding as we’ve nothing but an empty wallet.

In the meanwhile, there was a guy next to us who has finished his web browsing(Not sure what he was doing :D) and about to settle his bill. He was more like a student(Our first impression when we saw him).After paying his bill, he was asking them if they can do a web page for him. Though it was web designing company, those two fellas at the counter said “No, we don’t do web designing”. I wonder, why they said that but it was good for us.
Arun citing some real opportunity to make  some real money, urged me to say him that we’re ready to do that. I kinda hesitated at first but after realising that we desperately need some money and got myself prepared to ask him.

Me: Hello Sir! We actually do some professional web designing. If you’re int’d we can do that for ya.

That guy: If so, I’d be pleased..

Me: BTW,What’s this website for?

That guy: For a College Symposium actually… Which company do ya belong to?

Me: We( after a huge pause) not actually from a company but we’re college students. I’m doing my final year in ‘so and so’ college and Arun from another college.

That guy(with some change in his facial expression) : Oh! I see..Hey! you from that college? Is ‘X’ ( not revealing some names for personal reasons) your HOD(Head of the Department)?

Me(I was stumped)😦with some disappointment mixed with shock, I nodded my head) BTW, Who’re you?

That guy: I’m the HOD of ‘so and so’ college(Not my college,it was another college) of IT dept.

Me:( was just thinking,”Gees! I’m gonna end up in trouble”) So, your students could have done this site for ya?

HOD: They did but I didn’t like it..

Me: Okie.. Send us an email about all information which must be in that site. Moreover, Do ya have the domain name? and Also, you can do web hosting by yourself?

HOD: Domain??? I don’t need that.. I want only website. Why do I need a domain name for a website?

Me:( was wondering, ” How the hell did he became an HOD?” and was telling myself, ” I can became an HOD too as it must be an easy job to do as even this fella can do that”) .

Me: we’ll give the web page only and it’s your job to host that site.

HOD: Okie.. fine

Me: Ok.. I’ll call ya tomorrow where we can discuss about the pricing and related matters.

…We were on our way to home and our ride was filled with some serious conversation about the web site price. We were making sure that we must fix a price which he can afford and also gives us money for our web hosting.

After even reaching home, we were chatting about web design and type of pages that we must have and also, made a catalog to tell him.

We called him the next da ans was hit by a shocker. He replied that he’s going with his students design and not int’d in working with us. Our First business officially turned down.

Lesson: Never tell the truth that you’re a student when you’re approaching for a business deal. If you did, you’ll end up like us.

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Posted on February 11, 2008. Filed under: personal | Tags: , , |

Recently, I participated in an Online Hacking Challenge. My friend was the one who informed me about it. As a student, I enjoy participating in Tech events like Programming, Hacking, etc. The Contest was not tough as I was able to finish it quite easily and was indeed able to secure a prize in that event. So, How this post relate to ‘WTF?’

The True motive of an online contest is to break the geographical barrier that exists for students to participate in events that take part in  other part of the world.But Coordinators thought otherwise in that contest and demanded me to come to their college to collect their prize. Is this really fair?

So, I maybe some 500Kms away from that college but think of someone who had eventually won the prize and mabbe some 5000 miles away. Ridiculous!

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Posted on January 21, 2008. Filed under: personal |

I’d love to share an incident that occured recently. you can read the story here

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Trying out new things…

Posted on December 8, 2007. Filed under: Education, fun, personal |

Well, I’m in my last stage of my college life. Yeah, I’m on a vacation for doing a project work. Sounds a bit hectic days but it’s not as uncomfortable as it may sound. I’m really enjoying my vacation.

Not to mention, Our project works( most of engineering colleges here in India) lead us to something that’s certainly far from innovative and the worse part of it is “We ourselves don’t actually use the softwares we make” . So, That relieves me from the pressure of using my brain(made me think if i had got one in recent days 😀 )

So, Off from project works, that would naturally mean I’ve enough time to spend on different things.

Well, I started off with watching some documentaries on Linux and the one that most impressed me is “Revolution OS” . Though, it sounded more like1<->1 interview type but it certainly highlighted the foundation of Linux and Free software foundation. From this documentary, I mean, the things gained from this video. I began to search for a few more details from Open Source projects( Sadly, I’ve partnered many of these projects but never really understood the basics of Open source and How to’s).

It led me to some of the proposals of ESR( Eric StevenRaymond). His most popular papers are “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” and ” How to become a Hacker“. Impressed by the rules of Hackers et al.

After knowing ESR’s favourite language to be Python . I got a desire towards that particular language(but in most colleges in my neighbourhood, They preach C,C++, Java as the Gods of Programming Languages). But worse things about python is there ain’t any proper tutorial provided online for novice or beginners like me(I can find books only for the Pro). After some hard googling, I finally found a simple guide for Python. Python is a simple and a powerful from what I’ve learnt so far. Unlike Perl, it even fits into large coding applications.

Will keep you guys updated more on python. Until then, Keep Hacking!!!

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