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A conversation with my friend :-

Prologue: This friend of mine happened to send friend request to a girl whom I know.

X: Hey, I’ve sent a friend request to this girl ‘Y’ whom I saw in your friend’s list.

Me: WTF?!! why did you do that? You already know that she’s gonna reject the friend request. Girls don’t have a big heart to make acquaintance through FB but still they update their profile as ‘Interested in men’ or ‘Making new friends’. But boys do accept all friend requests especially a fake facebook account with a girl’s name.

X: Well, that’s true.. but I’m little different. Atleast by sending friend requests, they will be viewing my profile. How long will we have to stare at some random girl’s profile. Let them stare at mine now 😛

Me: @#$@#%#%

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We tried a little test about how watchful  elamparithi was, during the Great robbery’10 that happened recently in our house.

A little reenactment was all that’s needed. By the way, I gotta tell you something, Elamparithi in this video, has never acted but lived as the character. This video was shot at 1AM while elamparithi was in his dreams. Special thanks to spiky who acted as the robber.

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We slept, he came :(

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I was thinking about something I had to scribble here and unfortunately, it’s bad news. Yes! you might have figured it out by now. We were robbed and we had nothing to blame but ourselves. Yip! Just ourselves. We had been a set of morons sleeping all night and we didn’t even know that someone sneaked in our house last night and robbed our money and the best part is, we didn’t know about it till morning.

Monetary loss: 5000rs on the whole.

Atleast, we had something to cheer about. That someone didn’t bother to steal my laptop, the one which I’m using to do this blog post. Also, we had around 7 mobile phones in our house wanting to be stolen yet he didn’t lay his eyes on them. He must be a really generous person, i guess 😀

Also, Thanks to someone to give a topic to blog about 🙂

In agony,


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I’m back :)

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Hi everyone,

After 1.5 yrs, I’m back to blogging again. Check out this space for more updates.



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My Firefox 3 Guinness Record Certificate

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Now, that I’ve played my part in setting a new Guinness Record( Indeed!). I got my Certificate too :P. But I was kinda felt bad when I found that India’s download count not even crossing 100k. C’mon Indians!!!

So, if you are also a part of this historic event. Go and get your certificate from spreadfirefox.com

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PR 4, Yippee!!!

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After successfully downloading Firefox 3 in D-day( I mean, Download day), I’m proud that i’m part of a new Guinness record 😛 Quite easy to create a new record, isn’t it? Ha ha ha! First look at Firefox 3, it looked great as I never tried Firefox Beta’s or RC before as I wanted to have complete feel of it, all at once 🙂 Will write more about the technical review of firefox 3 later.

On the day of firefox 3 download, I happened to install Google toolbar in Firefox 3 so as to check it’s compatiblity( I’m sure, it’s compatible.. Just incase) As usual, I was checking my feeds and later decided to check my blog to see its look in my new browser where I happened to find that my blog has a Page Rank 4.

Even a few months before, it has PR 0. Was it Google tool bar’s mistake or my blog actually has a PR 4? I never tried to investigate further. As of now, I’m happy 😀

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Much needed break

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When people say that the whole world is into internet addiction. I say to myself, ” Hell, no way I ain’t addicted to anything”. But it is true, I’m indeed addicted to internet. I realised it when my internet usage got climbing up to some 18 to 20 hours a day. I was always aware that I should somehow get away from its claws and it happened naturally…

My internet connection is as follows:

*) 2.5GB Downloadable during normal time

*) Unlimited downloads from 2AM to 8AM

So, I used to browse/chat/etc during my 2.5GB quota and s/w, movie,etc at night unlimited timeline. This month, I had my downloads started at 2AM and forgot to close it before 8AM which led me to paying my bills extra, I mean, really extra. It was around 20th of this month. So, as I’ve already used my quota for that month due to my stupidity. I can’t surf around the internet for the next ten days apart from my unlimited downloads at night.

Maybe, it was the break that i was hoping for. Days when my router at the verge of smoking had all gone. Now, I had to use my internet just for a couple of hours atleast for this month.

P.S I had to finish this post before my frd turns angry for using his PC so long and throws me out 😛

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Graduated :)

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…After 4 yrs of slavery under the name of education, I’m finally free. I had a real dip in my engineering aggregate from 85.5 % to 79 % now. Unlike others, I got the whole concept of grading system very early. So, I knew that % is a mere float number which we should never be bother about.

If you bothered, you’ll get higher grades which subsequently leads into names like ” Topper”, ” Good fella” and also, lots of grls :D. But I fall into the other category, which is more interesting filled with excitement and a fair amount of exposure to real life.

Nevertheless I’m graduated as an engineer and I’m done with engineering for now.

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What next?

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… I’m no longer a student, atleast for now. So, I got some time left to do something in my leisure hours. First, getting the Chennairobotics site up and running.

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Moving to Blogger..

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…I have been a great fan of wordpress blogs but it’s now time to say “Good bye!”. I’m more int’d in blogging in blogger. Though I decided to write my posts in both the blogs just incase if someone’s lost on their way to my new blog 😀

My new Blog: ganesh-sriram

URL : http://ganesh-sriram.blogspot.com/

Update: Though I created a new blog in blogger, I still wanted to continue with this blog. So, I’ve decided to make this blog as a personal blog and one at the blogger as my Tech blog. So, the choice is almost yours.

You like Tech stuffs, Click Here

Or else, Wanna know bits and pieces of my life, stay with this blog. See ya!!!

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