…Had been trying to upload all( not all, some of) my frds pics into my blog but never really had enough time( Or atleast patience) to do it. But finally, I managed to squeeze thro’ some of my time to make my new(also my first) photo gallery.

Well, I planned to start with College photos and moving to my school frds.

My new Avatar:



My College mates:-

I guess, this picture was taken at some place in Andhra during an industrial visit. Don’t search for me in that picture as I didn’t go along with them- busy days 🙂


Well, Here’s some of my college frds(Not so sure of the place :p ). I wonder, why karthick(rambo) is clinging onto lokesh in such an awkward manner?



And that’s Anoop(Mr.Clooney) .



Curry puffs says” Enna koduma sir ithu?”.


Next is “Jo” or “Joseph”. He’s really a charming person( mokkai arasan) who believes that semesters and studies matter a lot in his life. To describe him in short, ” A true Aarvam”. His placement in wipro ensured them that they don’t really have any need to keep track of its Stock Markets.For, Jo follows its stocks regularly to see wipro’s progress. By the way, Antha watch 60rs la? Don’t give an illusion as if it’s a Rolex watch 🙂



Well, This is one of my recent gags where I managed to bring home some $$$$. Hacking Challenge at SSN. Thanks to Anoop( one above) for exihibiting his excellent photographic skills 🙂



This shot is taken when we are travelling in a train to #$@*&!.Well, to some place( Shit! Got a bad memory, nowadays)


And that’s kadala(alias Karthe) and me!


Gopi sitting next to kadala…


I’d rather prefer it to be that way for ever..


Gopi with “The Crying Geek”(Sound like “The Flying Sikh” huh?).


And that’s Gopi( He’s is a “Spy Geek” and So, Am I).

I wish, Vimal(my school mate) doesn’t see this pic( Gopi is wearing his cap which has been(and will be) possessed by us for more than a yr)



And now to introduce our very own pet “Mr. Annaparavai”. He’s highly intellectual and could never be swindled(but we nearly managed to sell him our headphone(worth Rs75) at an astonishing profit of 2000%(Rs.1500).



And Now, I proudly present you “Mr.Oxford”. He’s also known as ” Sridhar” but I had to change his name to oxford as he’s “The man with a oxford dictionary in his pocket” always( I always curse his english for making it so complex to understand).



Well, He’s the most educated person in our gang,”Srikanth”. He has studied in all institutions in and around Avadi,as far as I know, ranging from polytechnic colleges to tutorial colleges and also his skill set extend upto to Apprentice in various companies.



And, Now.. A man with superb skills(especially in rolling Drums),who has even challenged NASA that he’s gonna place an unmanned satellite at a height of 100 feet from the ground for tracking purposes,” Jesly”.


Jesly with Lokesh( “The Crying Geek”) at Tech fest in Anna University



Guess who’s here? Arun Vijay- ” Father of Robots”. If you’re in a college which has conducted events related to Robotics, then you’d surely had a previlege of having a glimpse at him(Oru college kuda vittu vaikkala). He’s the one who taught me a few basics in Robotics but still I’m in the basics 😀


This ain’t an Halloween Ghost. It’s just “Arun”.



And last but not the least “Dhadi” alias ” Dhuvarakesh”. Sure,He acts like a baby but…



Start Camera and “Action”.comic2.jpg



Sri, Srikanth and me…


And also with Gopi..


India’s boy genius ” Balaji”( My CAT class mate)

I always wondered if it’s good idea to hang around with studious pple and I got my chance too.Of course, Bajji was a typical MIT student when I first met him. Unlike others, he gets a 9.5 ptr cgpa and tops his dept. “A true padips”. I’m depending on him(to teach me) to bell the CAT’07.



Please feel free to add in your comments about my gallery and suggestions to make it better.

PS : I never intended to hurt anyone thro’ this Post. If you feel so, I apologise but I can’t actually make any changes 🙂


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11 Responses to “Gallery”

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hello ganesh,dai,mathavanka maanatha vangaruthukele ne intha blog a use pannra da…..but its very funny and imaginative.good work …intha range la ponna someone is gonna hit u one day da….be careful….why dont u start using some of our class guys pics da…

gud job… love the humor!

@ karthe
I can manage if someone tries to hit me down. Btw, help me to get more pics of our class frds to add in my gallery.

@ hari

hey this is the 1st time i seen ur blog..Very interesting one!!!Ur comment about srikant was very funny…Here also u r highlighting Anoop,as like as u do in class.Great..Continue ur Journey..I feel great to ve a friend like u!!

Greetings, Vicky! Welcome to my world..

Dai Machine… U dont have other work than this huh..Spiling gud boy gopi too.. ok.. Etho pannu but dont spoil others

beautiful and autobiographical gallery

Hmmm aah its incredible i cud say.Ur friends pics luks very impish(:p).Ur gopi anna will b always hoggin around ur blog.V wud lyk if u cud post some of ur gal friends pics(;).Nice work dude.Bless ya.

machi ennavo try pannura.. but it was good..! great thoughts..

Why don’t you make your gallery more pleasing to our eyes by adding your girl friend’s photos.

Well, I don’t mind posting them here but why should I please you by uploading their photos? Get yourself a girlie, moron!

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