Some of the funny moments in our trip to Salem:-

1) Dance while you get a chance:

Encouraged by the fact that they are in a village far from home and also getting excited by the “Drama on stage”( in Tamil, Kootthu),My friends started to dance( Well, it’s not a dance actually. Throwing your arm in the air will never make it look like a dancing sequence but nevertheless I had to call it with some name).

2) Anoop’s Moments with a burger :-

Anoop had a burger( a ‘bun’ to be exact) which he imagines as a run away ‘burger'( Yeehaww!!!). As a precautionary, he holds his burger tight and manages to eat it without any eyes( but a camera lens has been, indeed) falling on him or his cute lil’ burger 🙂

3) A new dance step?:-

‘Dama’ might think it as an accident but we call it as a well executed plot. We pushed Dama into a pile full of cow **** . Though he managed to recover from it with only making his feet dirty, He’s invented something new. I wonder if every dancing step has a similar kinda background. Mabbe! Mabbe!

4) Is it Cricket or an Hip-Hop dance?

Tip to Dama: I’m sure you’re no good in cricket especially when it comes to batting but you gotta look into other opportunities too like ‘starting a dance school’ or something. Else you can do an album similar to shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie”. Atleast join her crew 😀

5) ‘Bodhai’ Bala is boozed out?:-

Under normal circumstances, Bala tends to be out in the very first ball. As he survived as many balls as you can ever imagine,I’ve a strange suspicion if he had been boozed. Watch out for last few seconds( Dama!, you really rock!!!).

6) Enna Koduma Sir ithu? :-

7) The ‘Crying Geek’ takes a nap:-


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